Hello Raiders! I like to extend my sincere thank you for electing me as the 2020-2021 Student Government President. I am extremely gracious by your confidence that you have bestowed in me as being the official representation of all students to the Administration, Faculty and Staff here at MSOE. And as your newly elected president, I promise to address the important issues with MSOE’s Administration, Faculty and Staff to ensure the voice of the students is not only hear, but the student’s needs addressed. I would also like to extend a congratulations to my fellow elected Senators. I look forward to working together to get work done.

For the upcoming academic year, the agenda that both the Vice President and I believe in is to lead the Student Government Association (SGA) to a direction that has its core principle on the health and safety students as well as ensuring the voice of the students is heard, and their needs addressed. Additionally, we will continue to have SGA build a stronger relationship among the administration, the faculty and the students here at MSOE. Our ambition for this academic year is to begin a tradition among the faculty senate and the student senate by holding at least one joint senate session a trimester. We also plan on connecting with and have reoccurring meetings with student organizations that have deep roots within the student community. Alongside our ambitions for the year we also intend to advocate for food, housing and student concerns as well as advocating for facility improvements.

Throughout the year it is our intention to propose a relocation of the spirit rock to a more desirable location that better showcases student life on campus, a fixture of the steps leading into the Tod Wehr conference center by Highland Ave and Broadway to the national standard of step height and width, and to propose an increase the hours of operation of the library for the week prior to finals week. Within SGA itself, we plan on reforming it to best help the students and student organizations while we continue to clash with the COVID-19 pandemic. Lastly, our aim is to shuffle the Student Government Budget and increase the Student Government outreach to students and student organizations throughout the academic year.

This agenda is a good place to start, but it doesn’t end with this. Throughout the upcoming academic year, I want to hear your ideas, get your feedback and find out more ways that I and Student Government can best serve you. Thus, I hope you are able to attend our virtual meetings on Microsoft Teams here every Monday from 1:05 to 1:50 PM. Additionally, you can always email the SGA email (sga@msoe.edu) or personally contact any member on Student Government through email.

Thank you again for your support.

Joshua Zieman – President of Student Government.