The MSOE Society of Software Engineers started planning revamping the MSOE Student Government website last summer with Student Government’s approvoal. Originally, the official MSOE Student Government was published with WordPress and the original WordPress site was going to be revamped, but as time went on as the MSOE Society of Software Engineers started work on revamping the MSOE Student Government it became clear that Jekyll was a better choice for Student Government. Since Jekyll is just as easy to setup as WordPress, can be hosted on GitHub completly for free, as well as makes it eaiser for Student Government editors to put content on the site as well. We will also be working on a custom website editor which will allow Student Government members to edit content on the website without the need to go through the Society of Software Engineers.

What is Jekyll?

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator.

In other terms, Jekyll is a blogging platform that can be levereged to accomplish many different site goals - and it is open source! This means that we can use the platform to build and engaging, informative, and custom website that can be easily updated by the students of SSE or by memebers of Student Government.

What’s in it for me

As an MSOE student this website will be your hub for anything Student Government related. From this site, you will soon be able to read what Student Government is about from the about page as well as be able to view information about all the elected senators and elected officers. You will also be able to view different resources that student government has such as the Student Org packet and the MSOE Student Government constitution, which will benefit MSOE Students as well as Student Government memebers.

Can I Help?

Of course! While some knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and React can come in handy, no prior knowledge is required - we would love to teach you! All of the MSOE Student Government website code is available on our GitHub repository here.The SSE Website developers will be meeting weekly in the spring, the day and time have yet to be determined. Those meetings will last about an hour each week, but we’re planning on hosting a longer development session either during the weekend of week 1 or week 2 where pizza and drinks will be provided. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact the Society of Software Engineer’s webmaster Andy Wojciechowski at